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Recruiting an Apprentice

At eTraining we believe hiring apprentices is a great and effective recruitment method, in fact 83% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to others.

For the employer, it offers a fantastic opportunity to hire and develop someone in to a specific role, it is a low-cost solution to recruiting and expanding a workforce both in number and skill.

Offering apprenticeships in this way increases staff motivation and engagement leading to loyal employees and reduced staff turnover.

For the apprentice, it offers a role in a company that care about personal development. It is an opportunity to learn new skills whilst working and can lead to career progression though practical experience and qualification.  

eTraining can help with recruiting apprentices in the following ways;

  • Low cost advertising and sourcing of candidates.
  • Short listing of applicates – based on funding, experience and match to role.
  • Assist with interviews – telephone and face to face.
  • Run open days as part of the recruitment process in order to “vet” the candidates.
  • Provide initial assessment to establish suitability to role and course.
  • Gain funding for all successful candidates.

Once recruitment has taken place eTraining will then enroll all new starters on the required apprenticeship, where a dedicated and highly qualified tutor will explain the apprenticeship process to both learner and line manager and agree the correct learning plan. eTraining with then deliver the apprenticeship, monitoring performance at all stages and feedback to all parties on a regular basis over the duration of the course, ensuring staff retention and engagement is maintained.