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Junior Developer Apprenticeship

Building and testing simple, high-quality code for software.

junior developer

A Junior Developer works to a a brief or customer requirements to create simple code for web, mobile or desktop applications. As part of the apprenticeship they will also:

  • Follow clearly defined requirements to deliver software development activities and products.
  • Report progress against metrics on software development activities accurately throughout the stages of the software development lifecycle.
  • Identify and report any impediments to progress in development activities to supervisors.
  • Follow instructions to convert customer requirements to technical requirements.
  • Communicate outcomes from development activities to team members and other stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • Identify and implement security features of a proposed design.
  • Write logical and maintainable software solutions in line with given specifications to meet the design requirements and organisational coding standards.
  • Apply security principles and practice to the software development tasks assigned.
  • Maintain appropriate project documentation throughout the software development tasks.
  • Apply appropriate recovery techniques to ensure that the software solution being developed is not lost.
  • Undertake unit testing of solutions, with appropriate levels of test code coverage, to identify and, where necessary, escalate issues.
  • Contribute to testing of the end-to-end software solution to ensure a high-quality output.
  • Support delivery of deployment phases, including trials and final release.
  • Identify the need for a suitable ‘bug fix’, appropriate to the severity and priority of the issue identified.
  • Practice continuous guided self-learning to keep up to date with technological developments to enhance relevant skills and take responsibility for own professional development.

Level 3 in Software Development is designed for those starting their career as a junior developer or existing staff looking to improve their skills.

 Suitable Audience:

  • Newly Recruited Apprentices
  • Junior Developers
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • Junior Applications Developer

Core Module Content

  • Meeting briefs to develop products
  • Development stages and lifecycles  
  • Create logical solutions in line with requirements
  • Write simple code for web, mobile or desktop applications
  • Undertake testing and escalate where needed